This is the only smile I can get now....

With the cooler temperatures back, it seems that Izzy's found her favorite hat again.  I'm actually a little surprised it fit, and kind of glad too because I knew I couldn't find another one like this.  Anyway, here's an outfit she put together the other day..yes, those are flip-flops she's wearing :)  And that smile....I think that's the only smile I can get right now...one where she's smiling so hard that she squints her eyes and I can't see them!
I did a little closet turnover last weekend.  Everyone seems surprised when I say its an all-day activity, but this is what it looks like:
This is only a small portion of my summer clothes.  I've gotta get these out of the closet, sort out the ones I don't wear/don't fit, and then put them away before I get the winter clothes out.  Yes, I have a lot of clothes.

The other night, while I was making dinner, I got out Play-Doh for her to play with.  It's been a long time since I did, but the last time she wasn't very interested so I kinda forgot about it.  But this time she had a lot more fun.  I'm surprised in myself that I didn't freak out when she mixed all the colors together :)

She loves her witch hat (as she calls it)...and see the smile?
And I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but she's even got that silly smile while she's swinging

I realize that most of my posts have absolutely no overriding "theme", but I'm ok with that.  It seems that things happen so fast with her, and there's so little time to catch it all, that I gotta cram it all in :)

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