She's turning into her father.

She's obsessed with candy.  I'll take part of the blame for this, because I tried to bribe her with a piece of candy for going potty a couple of weeks ago.  Then I think she only wanted to sit on the potty because she thought she'd get candy just for sitting.  Uh, sorry kiddo...bribery doesn't work that way :)

But she seems to have taken this candy obsession to a new level.  Last night, we kept finding her in the pantry, raiding our candy supply (and for anyone that knows us, they know that the supply is HUGE).  So, Joacim took all of the candy and put it in a "locked" cabinet in our living room, thinking that would solve the problem....
Well, the whining was annoying, so he figured he'd trick her with some AWFUL licorice.  
Clearly, that didn't work either because, when he walked away leaving the cabinet door open, I caught her sneaking MORE candy

She's a crafty little thing....wonder what she'll come up with next.

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