Ribfest 2010 and some backyard camping

Honestly...how can a day start off bad when you get to wake up to this cute little face?
After doing some yardwork and prep work for staining the pergola, we headed off to Ribfest to have some food and listen to some music.  Here's little miss Elton John waiting for Pappa to get out food

After we ate, we headed over to the duck game to see if Izzy could win a prize, and she DID!  Wish I could show you a pic of Squealer the Pig, but he's MIA right now :(
The whole reason I wanted to go to Ribfest was to see Seven Mary Three.  I LOVE THIS BAND.  Don't know why, but something about their music puts me in the BEST mood.  Good memories I think!  Since we didn't have earplugs for Izzy, Joacim stayed back with her while I snuck up and took this photo.  Funny, I had no idea what they looked like.
Unfortunately, Izzy wasn't having as much fun as I was, so we left.  Next time, a babysitter shall be involved :)

Luckily, once we got home, she was her old chipper self.  I think she's becoming quite the homebody :)  Since the weather was AWESOME!!! we decided to go camping on our patio.  There's little chance that we'll get to go this year, so this is as good as it's gonna get.  She seems a bit confused by it all here.

But she LOVED the tent. In and out.  In and out.  I can't count how many times she tripped coming out of the tent.  It got so bad that we had to put some padding by the "door" so she wouldn't hurt herself.

And since we didn't get to eat enough at Ribfest, I made nachos while Joacim walked the dogs.  Yes, that is tequila you see in the background.  I mean, what's Mexican without tequila, as Joacim said?
When it got dark, I gave Izzy one of these glowsticks.  A leftover from our trip to Sweden....I bought a bunch of $1 toys in the dollar bin at Target and wrapped them up for the flight, figuring I could use them as a distraction if she got all crazy.  But since she was so good, I had a lot leftover, which comes in handy in times like these :)
I hate using flash, but this was the only way to get a photo of this little cutie
And here's our campfire

The weather was PERFECT.  I fell asleep in an instant, but Joacim couldn't sleep, so by 2:30am, we ended up going inside.  Next time...breathing machine extension cord.

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