Celebrating the 11th Anniversary of my 25th Birthday :)

I am a firm believe that you're never too old to celebrate a birthday.  Every year I want cake and presents...that probably won't even change when I'm 80.  I just don't see why growing old has to equate to growing boring and grumpy.  A birthday is a day to be celebrated, and I had a GREAT one!

The morning started off with Izzy and Joacim bringing me presents in bed.  LOVED it!
Here she is helping me open my 1st present
And my 2nd present
Here's a little photo of Lemmy..he was unusually calm this morning
And here's her helping me with my 3rd present
You have to turn the volume WAYYYY up to hear this one, but she's saying, "Happy Birthday Mamma". 

This is a video of what we have to deal with every morning after we let the doggies out to do their business.
After presents, it was breakfast at Bob Evans for some biscuits and gravy...I'm in heaven. (Ok, you probably don't want to see all that I hauled down....these aren't necessarily for you to see, but for me to remember ;)

In the afternoon, my sister and niece and nephew came down for a visit. Izzy and Taylor played in the pool while Joacim took JT on a motorcycle ride for his birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago.

Andrea made me my favorite (and apparently Izzy's too) cake...German Chocolate with Carmel, Coconut and Pecan icing.  My mouth is watering just typing it.

It was just such a perfect day for me.  I got to hang out with Izzy and Joacim, got great gifts, breakfast at Bob Evans, and some cake and family time.  Perfect.

Oh yeah, here's my gifts...There was the t-shirt, then a red stylus to use with my iPad, and the coolest thing which is a coffee mug made to look like a Nikon lens.  I am officially a photography geek now too.

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