A nice relaxing weekend (that would be the previous weekend, though, since I'm still behind :)

Bubbles bubbles bubbles....we go through a bottle a day.  Anybody wanna contribute to the Izzy bubble fund?

Joacim wanted to take this photo because she was so intent on my corn on the cob....just wish I could've
gotten a photo of her actually eating!!!
It was about time for a bath photo...haven't had one lately
Ok, so she's been sleeping in our bed again (and I don't need to hear any grief about this...I've decided that it's just not worth the fight at 3:30am :).  OMG..but look how CUTE she is in the morning!

Hey, guess what, the dogs like bubbles too!
She was getting pretty good at this one!  Unfortunately, Rosie got a hold of it and essentialy rendered it unusable.

Lots and lots of play.....

And THIS is what she looks like after she's told "No".  She is an excellent on-the-spot crier :)  Good skill to have for the future, one might say :)

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