This IS the Animal House...

I'll admit that I'm tired of stepping on/over/around little furry creatures that are always underfoot.  I'm tired of cleaning poop/pee/vomit.  I'm not exactly a fan of cleaning kitty litter or dog hair either, but I LOVE all of these little furballs....
Lemmy loves his Tower of Power....he rarely leaves his perch
Murphy and Rosie play-fight like this ALL THE TIME....it's constant, which is great, except when the do it in the tiny are between the coffee table and sofa :)  They aren't exactly the size of chihuahuas or anything..
He still loves soccer balls...looks like a bucking mustang when he plays with them
Rosie's getting a little better about playing tug with Murphy
See what I mean?  How could anyone say no to this face?????  I can't.
Izzy sometimes takes it upon herself to give the dogs treats....which usually ends up being the entire bag
especially when she takes the bag out and empties it on the floor....good for doggies though
and when Lemmy DOES come down, this is what happens.  And now, Murphy and Rosie are ganging up on Lemmy. Murphy thinks he can play with Lemmy like he can with Rosie....I think Lemmy can hold his own still...
I got this blanket at Jill's silent auction at the 5K run/walk, but Rosie's adopted it as her own...
They keep us VERY busy :)

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