Sweden vacation - Jun 20 (day 8)

This day started about by trying to find a life vest for Izzy.  We drove to Karlskrona, but the stores were closed that day, so we drove around seeing the sights.  Joacim spent his military time in Karlskron, so it was a bit of nostalgia from him which he enjoyed.  It's a beautiful little city on the cost, and was a big military hub in the day.  There was an enormous coast guard ship there, but we were driving too fast to get a good picture!  :)

When we got back to the cottage, Izzy and I were BEAT, so we took a nap.  Have I mentioned how much I was starting to see why everyone else loved naps?  :)
Came back and took a nap.
yummy yummy lunch/dinner
went for a walk
played around the house and snacked
came inside because it got too chilly
And we woke up, we had a yummy yummy dinner with leftovers.  I think it's incredible what Teresa can do with leftovers...yum.
After dinner we went for a walk around the island.  This is a photo of reindeer moss (I think).  I have some of this in an advent candle set that I received as a gift a few years ago, and it's really spongy there, but not so much here.  But this stuff was growing EVERYWHERE.
These stone fences fascinate me...
Look at how intricately the rocks fit!
It just seems so...medieval.
We saw these cows most days.  They've got a pretty good life, and the top cow even had a cowbell around it's neck.  Very idyllic
Little Swedish farmstead on the island.  The building on the right is the home, and the others are the working buildings.
Here's a little kitty that came out for a visit.  Izzy normally loves kitties, but was scared of this one so farmor helped her get closer :)
Ah...yes, one of several horses on the island as well.....a little skittish but cute

When we got back, Izzy decided to start trying on everyone's shoes.  Here she is with farmor's..
Then some more playing outside (with shoes :)
Farmor taught Izzy the game of picking flower petals off the flowers, and I swear she would've decimated the flower garden if we had given her a chance!
Oh yea, I haven't included any photos of the cottage yet...Here's the front of the cottage (or rather the side that faces the ocean)
This would be the back/side
And the smaller cottage that farmor and farfar slept in
There's farfar in the doorway
This is a view of the dining area/living room
better view of living room
our messy messy room
different view of the living room...that thing in the corner is a fireplace
but the best part was the view...VERY NICE!
Doesn't this remind you of Jack Nicholson in The Shining?
Here's a video of Joacim and Izzy playing...watch her fall down at the end
Here she had a desperate need to put her own socks on
And here she is getting her teeth brushed by her Pappa

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