Sweden vacation - Jun 19 (day 7) - arrived at cabin

Finally!  We're ready to head off to Blekinge to begin our holiday!  Izzy was too busy playing with my phone to help us pack :)
She was, however, willing to help farfar pack the car
Fully loaded
I have no photos during the drive...probably because I slept some of it, but here's Izzy checking out our room, and being a bit silly, when we arrived.
It took us awhile to get everything unpacked so we had a light dinner (well, lighter than normal :)

After dinner, we took a walk to check out the island.  We were staying on the island of Jordö in a cute cottage.
I'm soooo glad I got this backpack carrier from Boba...I didn't use a lot, but it came in very handy.
And then dessert....this was a Y.U.M.M.Y cake....no idea what it's called, or even if it has a special name...we just called it a midsummer cake.
And strawberries, which Izzy couldn't get enough of
She's hiding.....
Joacim had a bit of a struggle getting her jammies on...
But THANK GOD for Dora the Explorer and the iPad!!!
Ahhh...yes, the Royal Wedding.  The crown princess of Sweden, Victoria, was getting married, and it was a HUGE affair...all over Sweden.  Radio, newspaper, TV...you couldn't get away from it!  I was all very intrigued by it...they made a very good looking couple, but WOW, can the royal's drag out a wedding!  I think they were just cutting the cake after midnight, and the wedding started around 5:00pm...

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