Update on my Dad

Dad has his angiogram last Thursday morning.  The doctor's found 2 blockages, one at 65% and the other at 75%, so they went ahead and put 2 more stents in (for a total of 5 now).  Everything went REALLY well...they were able to go through his wrist rather than his groin, which is guess is a bit easier to recover from.  He ended up staying in the hospital Thursday night, but went home Friday morning, and had the "all-clear" as of Saturday.  I spoke with him then, and he sounded GREAT!  So much more "alive" I guess than before.  He mentioned that he didn't take a nap that day, and I can't remember the last day that my dad didn't take a nap, so that's a good sign, right?

Izzy almost fell asleep on the way up to Lafayette.  Notice how her sunglasses are on upside-down :)
here we are waiting for Dad's procedure to be done
Izzy LOVES JT!  (have I mentioned that before??? :)
she's making one of her funny faces in this photo
After dad was moved to his own room, we went up to see how he was doing.  It was a small room, and with 4 kids in there, it seemed like the walls were closing in :)
Thankfully, a WONDERFUL nurse brought in some ice cream.  I guess he could see the madness when he brought Dad his food :)
Dad was pretty much going to sleep most of the day, so we decided to head home and visit Grandma again.  We stayed there for about an hour and then went hometo play outside for a little bit (well, that is until the bugs got to be too much).  She was doing her funny little falling-down bit, but I didn't have my phone on me to record it, and of course, when I finally got it, she wouldn't do it :)

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