Sweden vacation - Jun 14 (day 2) -

So...we arrived safely in Frankfurt for our 6 hour layover.  And we, being the freaks we are, go straight through security only to find that there's hardly anything in our gate as far as eating places go.  So, we grab some crappy sandwiches and tea and make the best of it.

I hear that Frankfurt is a nice airport, but there was no way in hell that we were going to go back through security again.  We were so freakin' tired.
I have NEVER, and I do sincerely mean NEVER, been that tired. Not in all of my all-nighters in college, or working 3rd shift at Frito-Lay, have I ever felt as awful as I did those 6 hours we spent at that airport. And neither one of us felt that we could go to sleep.  We were both dead tired, but one of us had to stay awake with Izzy, because she sure didn't seem tired...until I got out my Boba carrier and walked around a bit :)
And then I could rest.

But we survived and FINALLY made it to Copenhagen!!!! Oh, but the story doesn't end there....ooooohh no.  Our luggage was lost. Yep, LOST. I mean, it wouldn’t even have been so bad if they could’ve told us where it was, but it was just “lost” and they didn’t know, so that wasn’t a very settling feeling. If I had been more awake I might have thrown a fit, but I was just too tired and too defeated to try. So, we gave them our info and headed home to Helmut and Teresa’s.
Ahhhh…it was SO nice getting “home” again. Izzy initially wasn’t quite sure about everything, but it only took a short while for her to warm up to farmor and farfar, and since then, it’s like Joacim and I didn’t even exist in her world :) It was sad for me cause I missed my little Loppan, but she was having the time of her life, so I didn’t feel too bad.
When got here we had an fantastic dinner….roasted pork tenderloin with a yummy pepper sauce..roasted potatoes, salad, bread, melon…WINE :) Oh so yummy!

And Joacim’s brother Daniel, his fiancee Maya and their daughter Gwen (who is 5 days older than Izzy) also came over for dinner, so it was a blast to see Izzy interact with everyone, especially Gwen.
 She’s more of a “go-getter” kind of kid, while Izzy’s much more reserved. It was really funny the looks Izzy was giving when Gwen was trying to give her hugs and help push her on the swing,..PRICELESS!

All-in-all, I think the whole flight re-arrangement worked out better.  We arrived a bit later than we normally do, but that only meant that I didn't have to try to stay awake as long.  Izzy and I were in bed by 8:00 that night, and sleep has NEVER felt so wonderful.

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Sarah said...

You poor things, what a nightmare of a flight! But the pictures of you and Izzy sleeping together - flippin priceless! Love it!