Sweden vacation - Jun 15 (day 3) -

I slept the sleep of the dead on our firsst night…15 hours I think. My legs, ankles and feet were SO swollen that I figured I needed to just get off of them and rest. Unfortunately, the rest didn’t help at all as I still have cankles. Hopefully they’ll get better in a few more days.

I had a wonderful breakfast all by myself. Everyone else had already eaten. Joacim was running errands with Teresa, and Izzy was outside playing with Helmut,

 so it was just me and my yummy yummy salami! Man, did I MISS these breakfasts!!!

The weather was a bit chilly, and it eventually rained, but we headed into town for some shopping, since we didn’t have any clothes. We got just enough to get us through until our luggage arrives, and found out when we got home that it would arrive the next day!!!  Not bad, I’d say, considering it never made it across the Atlantic Ocean and was still in Philadelphia :)
Then we got home, took a nap, ate and played outside some more. Then, off to bed for me and Izzy again. I need more sleep and she appears to be suffering from a bit of jetlag herself.

They have such a nice garden...thought I'd snap a few photos of the pretty flowers
I LOVE these things..have no idea what they're called, but they're EVERYWHERE!!

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