Sweden vacation - June 13 (day 1 again) - We're finally on our way!

Day 1 - again.

Not much to share on this day...we spent most of the morning being lazy, checking through the suitcases again to see if we were crazy in our packing.  We had to leave a bit earlier...heck, I can't even remember what time we flew out of Indy, but it was earlier than our planned flight from the previous day.

Izzy LOVES "airpanes" as she calls them
She was pretty content to hang out, alwasy finding something to occupy her
Remember Stripey?  Well, he came along with us, and it was very important to Izzy to have Stripey buckled in the carseat when she wasn't in it.
Here's the little devil on the flight to Philly.  One thing I didn't think about was the poor soul sitting in front of a kicking toddler :)  No matter what I did, I couldn't get her to stop.  Until I took her shoes off :)  That was JUST enough so that she couldn't reach it anymore....
We just barely made it to our next flight in Philly to Frankfurt, but thankfully everything worked out.  Izzy was sound asleep in her stroller/carseat while we were running through the terminal.  Once we got on the plane we realized 2 great things: 
1.  We had bulkhead seats (you know...the ones where there's just a wall in front of you) which meant no one in front reclining their seat
2.  We had the entire row all to ourselves!!!!

Suddenly, the trip seemed a lot brighter :)  But I wasn't sure Izzy was going to go to sleep.  She was so wired, and it didn't help that she ate some of my candy bar to tide her over until they served dinner (which took FOREVER, btw...SAS has this down pat..not so much, Lufthansa).
It took about 4 hours for them to turn the lights off in the cabin, which meant that Izzy, at best, was only going to get about 3-4 hours of sleep.  It was a struggle, but she eventually crashed...

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