Question: How do you stay cool in this heat???

Answer:  SLIP 'N SLIDE!!!!

Man, I loved these when I was a kid.  Is it me, or do they seem so much smaller than they did when we were little?  :)  Maybe it's the fact that Bri is so tall that she doesn't really seem to slide very far before she's at the end.

Izzy isn't all that sure abot the slip n slide yet..she has a lot more fun watching Bri
Ah Rosie...such a CUTIE!
And likes to eat bark.
And LOVES the water...

We get this face a lot lately :(
I love her smile here :)
I think this is such a great picture.  To see how these two interact is AWESOME, and this photo really captures it!

Izzy eventually went on the slip n slide, but here were the results :)
she didn't seem to mind too much!

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Sarah said...

LOVE these pictures! Such a good capture of their spirit! And congrats on the new puppy - she's adorable!