Latest addition to the Trunk Family

Yes, we've got a new member of the family.  A little bit spontaneous on our part, but we've been talking about it for awhile off and on.  We went to the Humane Society today and picked up a little cutie named Cracklin' Rosie!  The Humane Society has been posting quite a bit on Facebook about how dire their situation is...too many animals, not enough money, not enough donations.  Heartbreaking.  So I've been checking out the dogs available for adoption lately, and Rosie showed up Wednesday evening on their website.  Joacim and I talked about it quite a bit, and decided to go check her out.  After watching her and Murphy play together, we figured she was about the best fit for the family...

Yes, fast friends...no signs of agression in either one of them, and Rosie knew where to hide when she was tired.  I really hope this is gong to be a good fit.  Right now, they're STILL playing, and it's 11:47pm when I'm writing this.  They've been going at it since 7:00pm :)

The patch on her side is from a laceration she had that was infected, so they had to do some surgery on her to clean it up and sew her back together.  They think that she got caught on a fence or something (HORRIBLE!!!).  The owner was elderly and apparently unable to care for the dog, so apparently a neighbor convinced the owner to surrender Rosie, which is how she ended up at the Humane Society.  She's almost 9 months old and weighs about 23 pounds...she's a tiny little thing with a BIG personality!!

She hasn't left Murphy alone since she got here.  I'm not sure he knows WHAT to think!
That laceration has done NOTHING to slow her down :)
This was great to see....right away, drinking out of the same water bowl.  NEVER thought I'd see that with Murphy but he's been SUCH a great dog!  Even in the Humane Society, where there were so any temptations, he was incredible!  Great job, Murphy!
Man, she's a cutie.  Thought about renaming her, but I think her name fits.  They told us that she was named that because the song was playing when she was brought in. I think it fits her perfectly.
Oh yeah...a little issue with Murphy's wubba.  He's VERY possessive of his wubba, so I got Rosie one too.
And she's been fantastic with Izzy too!  Look at this video of Izzy hand-feeding Rosie!

After her bowl was empty, Izzy wanted to get her more food.  Too cute!

Ok, it seems like tonight's activities are starting to die out. They're both lying on the floor, panting heavily, but calm.  Seems as though they finally wore each other out.  At this moment, I couldn't be happier!  Welcome home, Rosie!

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