I am a domestic diva!

Ok, well....maybe not, but since getting back from Sweden, I've been INSPIRED!  To cook, that is :)

First thing I did was to make some pickles.  This is Joacim's mom's recipe, and it is SOOOOOO GOOOD.  She makes 2 jars of these pickles when we come because she knows that I LOVE them (so much so that we ran out before the vacation was over :)

Then, because of some yummy jam that I had in Sweden (and got back here and couldn't find), I decided to make my own.  I got some rhubarb from my parents and I was set!  I also transferred some to my garden, so hopefully I'll have some of my own next year!

Ok, I didn't know a lot about canning jam...well, really nothing, but it wasn't as hard as I thought.  Got some rhubarb, strawberries and a stupid amount of sugar in a pot...
Got my jars in the boiling water
this is starting to look like a surgical operation :)
But in the end...a LOT of jam!
We haven't tasted it yet because we have so many jars in the refrigerator already, but my mouth starts watering just thinking about how yummy they're going to be...

And then, today, I came home to these beauties!
I technically had 3 ripes ones this weekend, but the birds and then the ants got to them, so those don't count.  Look how BIG these are!  What the heck kind of plants did I buy????

And there are 4 more that'll be ready in a couple of days :)

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Rebecca Kitts said...

A+ on those pickles. Very yummy!