Argh! My need for perfections often stops me from doing anything!

We've been back from vacation for...oh....2 weeks now, and I haven't made one single blog post about the trip.  It's not because I don't feel like it, because I do!  And what drives me crazy about the whole thing is that I'm my own worst enemy.  I hate it when posts are out of date order....drives me BATTY.  And I want to pre-date all of these posts so it appears as though they came in on the day they actually happened, and the reason I do something this ridiculous is because, when I print the blog later,  I know I'll have to split the year into 2 books because they get to be too big, and I want to make sure our vacation falls in the right book.

Yes, I know I should just let go of stupid things like this, but I am completely incapable of it.  And I can't stand it :)  Soooooooooo..I'm gonna try to work with it/through it...bear with me as I try to become less Type-A :)

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