Time at Grandma and Grandpa's pool

On July 4th, we headed up to my parents house to go swimming.  We didn't make it up there last year...seemed like we were so busy.  I gotta tell ya..our trip to Sweden made me really think about things.  I mean, I'm always busy, but I have a choice, and I'm trying to prioritize Izzy a whole lot more.  She's always right up at the top, but it's the type of time I'm spending with her that I'm working on.

Hnyway, enough gibberish...photos and videos!!!
She wasn't too excited early on, so she sat on Pappa
I don't know what it is about my Dad, but she warms up to him instantly now...Awesome.
Is this not the biggest cat you've seen?  It's like Beetlejuice...tiny head, big body.  Funny thing...that cat's name is Runt.  Yes, it was the runt of the litter...couldn't tell that now though :)
I was surprised at how quickly she did take to the water...jumping in from the ladder first

We had some pretty funky weather this day.  Occassional rain storm, then sunny skies...these were beautiful!
and the jumping in from the side with hands, to eventually jumping in without any hands at all :)
Here's an awesome video I took of Bri underwater!

There are a few things I miss about living in the country.  I miss how you can see storms moving across the sky.  I miss how the air smells when the rain is coming, and then immediately after the rain.  I miss being able to walk around in my swimsuit without fear of the neighbors seeing me :)  I miss gettin' dirty

And this is Izzy on the way home...interesting way to sit in her seat, wouldn't you say?


Diane said...

I love your pictures of the clouds with the sun behind them!! They are absolutely gorgeous! I miss the country too for all those same reasons!!


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