Wind Turbine Farm

You know, the first time I saw a wind turbine was in Sweden.  Well, actually Copenhagen, as you see a line of them when you're getting ready to land at the airport.  Anyway, I thought they were soooo cool, and it was great to see people taking advantage of free energy.  Which is why I'm a bit torn about the wind turbine farm that is now in my old backyard.

There are 200+ of these things in the area that I grew up.
These are the propellers of the turbines.  There were four or five of these trailers loaded with propellers and ready to be assembled.  My stepmom told me that they're closing part of the highway next week in order to bring the cranes down that are used to assemble them. 
I'm torn because, while I think any form of renewable resource is great, and I love the fact that we're investing it it, it is quite a shock to drive through this area to see them....to see SO MANY OF THEM.  When you see them in Sweden, there spread out over the landscape here and there.  But near my parents house, they are EVERYWHERE...usually 5 in a row.  The developers are taking out parts of former corn and soybean fields, creating a dirt road and then assembling them.  Half of the ones that are assembled aren't "on" yet, and I'm not exactly sure when they will be, but soon I imagine.

I mean, these things are going to be here for a long time.  And I think it's a bit of a shame that, to me, it almost feels like they've polluted the area with them.  I imagine they've done all kinds of wind studies and found this to be an opportune area, but it's still a bit hard to stomach for me.  Just doesn't seem the same with all of these....

And here's what happens when it gets too windy...

All I can say is YIKES!

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