Weekend visit with Aunt Bri and Champ

I'm still catching up on this blog.  It's been busier than normal, I'd say, but I've also been SOOOO tired too.  These meds are kicking my A$$.

Anyway, we had a couple of visitors over the Memorial Day weekend...my sister Brianne and her dog Champ.  My parents go to the Indy 500 every year, so it's sort of become a tradition that Brianne stays with us that weekend, and we thought it would be fun for Murphy if Champ came along as well, and it WAS.  He's a great dog (not too coordinated yet, though :) and Brianne was a big help with Izzy.  By the end of the 2nd day, Izzy wouldn't really have much to do with either Joacim or me.  It was always "Bri, Bri, Bri!!!"  It was kind of nice to have a break, but I admit that I missed her a bit too :)

Here's Champ taking a drink from Izzy's pool.  It was SOOO HOT that weekend!
We bought a Slip 'n Slide for the girls to play it too.  Izzy wasn't all about sliding, but she sure did slip a lot!

On Monday, we drove Brianne and Champ back home.  The weather was nice, so we stayed a bit while Izzy played on the swingset with Bri.

Here she is going down the slide.  I don't think there's a slide that Izzy's met that she doesn't absolutely love.  Makes me think that we need to get one at home :)
And swinging with Aunt Bri...

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