Her new stroller and some silliness

My friend, Rebecca, got Izzy this pram for her birthday.  I thought she would like it, but she, in fact, absolutely loves this thing.  Which is great because it goes perfectly with the baby doll we got her (which, by the way, has been named Baby Ellie).

She's soooooo very grown-up looking here

And then, after we had walked up and down the sidewalk 5983 times, I was able to convince her to pose for me for my photography class.  Granted, none of these photos turned out for the particular assignment that I'm working on, but they're still damn cute...

This is her cheesy smile....nice.

and another face full of cheese
This is her newest expression.  No idea what it means because she does it all the time, but she looks ticked off about something, wouldn't you say?

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