One very expensive finger

You are looking at a $2000 + finger.  Yes, my friends, that's what you get when you mix a space cadet that has a bout of EXTREMELY SLEEPINESS from her medicine with a powered landscaping tool...namely a hedge cutter.  Lucky for me, I had just finished (and they look pretty good :)

I've got to wonder what exactly constitutes an emergency.  For example, I think that a finger cut by a hedge trimmer is an emergency.  However, said emergency took 3.5 hours to get taken care of.  There was a woman that had been there since 9:00am, suffering from an issue with her prednisone (I hear that), and was being admitted, yet she was still sitting in a wheelchair, looking miserable wrapped up in several of those hopsital blankets, at 5:00 in the afternoon when I left.  Seems like an emergency to me....yet I noticed no one hurrying around to get her admitted.  How is it that the triage can be taken care of in less than 10 minutes, yet after that, one could literally spend HOURS waiting to be seen by a doctor.  It's a very sad state of affairs...our current health care.  Which is why I have such a difficult time understanding why anyone could think that our current state is acceptable.  It's sheer lunacy.

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Sarah said...

O. M. G. << ouch!! >> Hope you are okay!