Birthday party!!!

I can't believe she's 2.  Seriously, I know every parent says that, but we all mean it, don't we?  I mean, we just go through our days, and then all of a sudden they're all grown up.  Ahhhhhhh! 

We had a little party for Izzy last Saturday.  Like last year's party, I kept it small.   I just want tor eally enjoy these early birthdays with her and keep it low-key..there'll be plenty of time for bounce houses later :)

I made cupcake ice cream cones, and they were a big hit!  No mess, no waste...and yummy!
Here's Grandma June getting Izzy to actually eat, which is something that neither Joacim nor I can get done.
It was pretty breezy that day, so we couldn't really keep the candle lit on her cupcake
And she kinda looked a little scared of it :)
But she LOOOOOOOOOVED to eat the cupcake!
And here's Cristian, my friend Liza's son, trying to put on my nephew's shoes.  He's a cutie!
And my niece eating a cupcake.  She was a bit of a grumpy girl this day :)
This is the gift she received from Liza and Cristian...a BIG hit with both of the little ones!
opening presents....
I had this dress made for Izzy at Simply Colors.  I got the idea from my friend Sarah's blog.

Izzy got her first purse that day, and it's like she grew up in front of my eyes.
Her little mannerisms with the purse...too funny!  I can see she's been watching me lug my enormous bag around!  She'd constantly whip that thing around and up on her shoulder.  Such a funny thing to watch a little girl do.

And here she is at the end of the day trying to wake up Grandpa Dave.
And Grandma June thinks it's hilarious...
It was a really fun day.  Izzy LOVED her gifts, and had fun with the family.  I really love days like this.  I love watching her interact with people, and I'm always amazed at how quickly she takes to Grandpa Dave, for a little as she gets to see him.

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