Our fun day off with Izzy

Izzy's daycare was closed on Friday in observance of Good Friday, so Joacim and I both took the day off to spend some time with Izzy.  We were hoping to sleep in a little, but Miss Izzy had other ideas.  It's strange...it's as though she knows when we're off work...all week long I've had to wake her up to go to daycare, but Friday morning, she was up and about at 7:30am.  And since she's got her big-girl bed now, she can get out...and she does.  All I remember hearing is, "Hi!!!!".  And the way she says it...it's like she's surprised every time and says it with such enthusiasm.  I mean, how could anyone be upset about that?  Certainly not me..even at 7:30am on a Friday morning of a vacation day :)

It was a BEAUTIFUL and WARM day!!!  So warm, in fact, that I had a hard time finding something for Izzy to wear, so we headed down to the outlet mall in Edinburg to do some shopping.  See how excited she is? :)
But quite quickly she fell asleep (must've been from all the excitement shown above :)  She decided that she needed to wear this hat in the car....

Do you see the drool?
We got her some crocs and tons of summer clothes, so she should be all-set (at least for a little while, and pending an enormous growth-spurt!).  Good thing we had her stroller to carry our goodies in, because she certainly wasn't having anything to do with it!

After we were done shopping, we headed north to Heidelburg Cafe.  I guess this place had been featured on the Food Network a few times, and it was recommended to Joacim by a guy he works with, so we headed up there to grave a bit of some authentic German food.  All I kept hearing about were the brats....maybe this is why.  I put my hand next to the brat to give you a size-reference.  This thing was ENORMOUS!!  Now, granted, it wasn't exactly to my liking (the whole sausage thing sometimes freaks me out) but the German Potato salad and roll were delicious!
Izzy had fun playing with the salt-n-pepper shakers

What I could hardly believe is that she actually ate, and enjoyed, some sausages (not the one I had, but others that were pretty similar to hot dogs)

And here she is giving some high-fives!
All-in-all, it was a really fun experience!  They have some good food, and GREAT pastries.  I was even able to find these cinnamon Mentos that I LOVE LOVE LOVE (and CANNOT find anywhere else...so I bought nearly all of them :)  The place is FULL of kitschy stuff!

All of this activity was pretty rough on Izzy and her napping.  She fell asleep every time we got in the car.  here she is on the way home with Yurtle the Turtle

Once we got home, we were going to take her to a park nearby, but we were all pretty wiped out, so we played in the backyard and then decided to stay home.  She went to bed without any problems, and Joacim and I caught up on some shows on the DVR.  It was a really great day!

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