Another blissful meal at Mug n Bun

Since Joacim was off playing 2 soccer games on Thursday, my friend Missie, Izzy and I went to Mug n Bun for dinner.  Yes, I had another breaded tenderloin (on top of the yummy cheeseburger from Bourbon Street Distillery for lunch...diet's going to hell :) and yes, it was delicious.  And Izzy had another corndog.  She wasn't as much of a fan this time as she was of the ketchup.  It appears as though ketchup can be an entire meal :)

Here's Izzy and Missie.  It took no time at all for Izzy to warm up (finally!).  And now she walks around the house several times a day saying, "Missie?  Missie?"
And then, when we got back home, Izzy had to show Missie her new big-girl bed.  Of course, there was lots of playing involved too
And the evening wouldn't be complete without Missie reading Izzy a book
I love how she curls her little feet when she's focusing :)

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