Easter 2010

Izzy woke up EARLY on Easter morning (and by early, I mean 7:00am).  It was my turn to get up with her, and I gotta say that it wasn't easy to drag myself outta bed :)  After we had breakfast (and once Joacim woke up) we could begin the "festivities" :)

I don't think she really understood why she was getting all of the gifts, but that doesn't stop any kid from enjoying them, now does it? 

Later on in the afternoon, we went up to Fishers for a family Easter dinner.  Izzy's cousins LOVE playing with her, and I think they were pretty excited to get to see her. 
My nephew, JT....lookin' cool
and helping Izzy look cool too
Izzy and Auntie hunting eggs
she looks completely focused on the task at hand...didn't take her long to figure out this whole egg-hunting thing :)
JT is always so helpful with Izzy..LOVE this about him...
Signs of spring...as Joacim said..."it's like the trees blossomed overnight."
My niece, Taylor, finding a very well-hidden egg.  It's funny...when I look at how tall and lanky she's getting, I think back to when she was a baby and I nicknamed her "beefcake" because she was short and had the BEST chub!  Chubby babies are awesome.
Izzy kept seeing this dandelion and thinking it was an egg, so I picked it for her
Here she is with her papaw, Jessie

Izzy LOVES JT.....it's written all over her face here..
My sister, Andrea, is feeding Izzy sour-patch kids, and she LIKED them!  I can't figure this kid out :)
Here she is with mamaw Deb

I think Izzy had a great time with family today.  It was fun to watch her have so much fun.  Makes me think we need to hang out with family a bit more.  Glad summer's coming up!

Once we got home, it was still nice and warm out, so we broke out the sidewalk chalk and got to work.
This is her first experience with sidewalk chalk, and she was more concerned about getting to color with each piece of chalk....see...
It was truly a great day!

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