What a nice, relaxing Sunday :)

Sunday was really, really nice. I had all of these errands that I was going to run, but then I just decided to stay home and enjoy the day with Joacim and Izzy. Granted, there was a bit of cleaning to do, but we got it done early so it didn't mess up the rest of the day.
Izzy woke up prety early that morning....7:30am. Not so fun for me since it was my morning to wake up with her. But I got her some breakfast, and found some Sesame Street videos in On Demand. This gave me some time to make homemade biscuits and gravy (Yummy!!!).
We spent the day reading books and playing, and it was great. It had been a long time since I felt like I was able to do that, and I loved it. She was so much freakin' fun!! Her personality is REALLY starting to come out (geesh...I feel like I say that every day, but it's TRUE!!!)
In these photos, she's trying to put Lemmy's leash around her foot. At this stage of the game, she doesn't want any help

then she needs some....

and is pissed once she gets it on her foot!

She finally took an interest in her kitchen this weekend too.

It almost looks as though she's attacking Lemmy with the pan, doesn't it? :)

Remember the cookbook for the artisan bread? Well, I was able to make my first loaf of bread this weekend, and I have to admit that it was pretty darn good!

Unfortunately, THIS happened to my pizza stone in the oven :(

I've had this stone for probably more than 7 years, but STILL....CRACKING??? Not so happy about this one.
I wish I would've taken a photo of the bread before I cut it, because it was a bit misshapen and funny looking, but taste is what matters most, and luckily I got that down! I think I'm going to try a rye bread next week. I even found a recipe for Scandinavian flat bread (whatever the heck that is) that I might try..

It was just such a nice day. I hope we have more of these soon!

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