Visit to the doggy dermatologist

We had to take Murphy to the doggy dermatologist in Carmel on Friday for a follow-up appointment to see if we needed a change in his therapy. Izzy was with us this time, and she was having a bunch of fun!

We decided to stick with the weekly injections we've been giving him since we found out that his extreme dandruff wouldn't be associated with it. However, he might have an underactive thyroid, so $295 later and a blood test, we'll have to wait and see until next week sometime. Okay, everyone..mutts are not necessarily problem without their own set of issues. And you know how I mentioned early Lemmy's weird sucking toe thing? Well, I looked closer at his foot, and he's actually liked it raw so that there's a sore on each foot! OMG...why do our animals have these strange issues???? I'm starting to get a complex about it!

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