Mug 'n Bun - my new favorite place!!!

I have wanted to try this place out for a long time! I had done a search a while back on where to get the best Indiana tenderloin sandwich, and this place got high marks. We ended up going there on Friday night after our trip to the doggie dermatologist, and it did NOT disappoint! :)

First of all, let me just say that I LOVE places like this where you drive up and they come to your car to take and deliver your order. There's on in Lafayette called Dog 'n Suds, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE going there! Joacim does too! Best damn corn dogs..hands down! But, since that's so far away, I think Mug 'n Bun is going to satisfy me quite nicely in between trips to Lafayette!
This is the 2nd half of my fantastic tenderloin...omg...sooooooooo tasty...

and I LOVE crinkle cut fries! Why do all restaurants server those crappy shoestring fries (except Wendy's and Arby's, I guess)?????

Here's Izzy eating her corndog...and can I mention that she at the ENTIRE thing!!!! 2 days in a row of her eating!! If I didn't have visual proof I wouldn't believe it!

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