random videos of Miss Personality

We're discovering that she's a bit OCD...hmmmm...wonder where she gets that from. You'll see in this video that she MUST fix the rug...she's always like that. If there's something out of place, she has to fix it before she can move on to the next thing. It's cute, but sometimes really annoying too!

I had to go into work on Saturday so I decided to take Izzy with me. I think it took us FOREVER to walk in, and maybe a bit longer to walk out, but I think she was having a LOT of fun! She likes to hide in cubicles and be REALLY REALLY quiet so I can't find her :) Here she is walking out to the car after we were done

And here she is getting her groove on. The thing on her head is Murphy's reflective collar, and she put it on herself. Such a fashion maven

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