More snow from last week

We had more snow last week, and I worked from home because, as I mentioned before, I don't feel like taking my life in my hands by driving with all of the other crazies. Soooo...Izzy and I stayed home. Now granted, I didn't get a whole lot of work done while she was awake, which isn't too surprising, but I managed to get some done. I took the next day off due to my kidney thing, but ended up working the entire day anyway, so I figure it all balanced itself out. Besides, Izzy's had this profuse drainage from her ears for the past week and a half, so I figure any day she's not at daycare is a day for her to heal a little more.
Can you see how the drainage has matted her hair?

but she doesn't seem to mind much..still a happy girl

We watched Ice Age

and read A LOT of books

and had some fruit puree

and some ravioli (her she's telling me that she's getting a little low on the ravioli and that I need to get more)

Since we have all of this snow, we decided to take her out on her new sled that we got her. We pretty much figured that it wasn't goint to go too well, since we know she's not a huge fan of snow

We got a few small smiles out of her, but they were short-lived

And I am no longer her favorite person

Murphy likes the snow WAYYYY more than Izzy does...

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