More of Izzy and Lemmy

I took this this morning while I was waiting for my breakfast to get ready

This seems to be where Izzy eats a lot of her meals lately...on the countertop

But it WAS fun tonight because I got to teach Izzy a new phrase

Lemmy is starting to claim every blanket in this house, including Izzy's

Some bathtime fun tonight

Who on earth could resist this face???

I got out the bathtub markers tonight. I almost forgot they were even there, but I'm glad I didn't. She loved them!

And here she is after her bath trying to put her slippers on...she's becoming a bit more independent every day, but it's making mornings a bit tougher since she's starting to want to do everything herself, and gets uber frustrated when she can't.

But it's more fun to actually watch her do it...the focus she has!

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