Fall Fun

On Sunday, I did a family photo session with my friends Bryan and Margaret at their house. They live out in the country, and it's heavenly. The leaves were beautiful, and Margaret had always wanted photos of the family taken there, so that's what we did. Hopefully I'll be able to post some of those images here (ahhh....someday I'll get a blog set up for Lilla Loppan Photography.....maybe over Christmas :)

Joacim and Izzy tagged along, as we were planning on getting some firewood, and Margaret offered up their place to take some pics of Izzy too. Since I started Lilla Loppan Photography, I realized I've been a big negligent when it comes to taking seasonal/milestone photos of Izzy, and I didn't want to miss this fall, especially with how perfect the colors were. And Izzy had a phenomenal time playing in the leaves.

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Amanda said...

These pictures are too cute!