Sick little girl....

I picked up Izzy from daycare on Tuesday, and I noticed she felt a little warmer than normal. Not REAL hot, but definitely a low-grade fever. Miss Cathy mentioned that she had been really clingy during the afternoon, and that she didn't nap very well, so I knew that ISR lessons weren't going to be a lot of fun for her (and they weren't). I had an appointment to get my hair cut that evening, so Joacim had her fed and put to bed before I got home! What a treat!

Izzy woke up the next morning, a little warmer than before. She's been very congested lately, and she's been sleeping with a humidifier to try to break it up. She was drinking her bottle in the morning and started coughing up all this mucous (yes, I know...gross). I freaked out a little (and so did she :), and since she was still running a fever, I decided to keep her home for the day. And THANKFULLY I did, because about an hour later, we were standing in her bedroom doing something that I can't remember, and she started vomiting everywhere. And we both kinda stood there like "what the heck is happening"...it was all over the carpet, her jammies, her socks...EVERYWHERE. And it smelled TERRIBLE. She threw up all of her milk from breakfast. I got her in the bathtub, and she just sat there looking pitiful. Actually, she was pretty pitiful the entire day. I've never seen her so subdued...EVER.

At one point, she was sitting in the office with me while I was editing photos...just sitting in her bean bag chair with her blankie, book, and teddy bear.

She laid like this for 2 hours, dozing in and out of sleep, listening to George Winston....
She didn't end up getting physically sick anymore that day, but she definitely wasn't feeling well. We finally got her fever to break that evening, but not before it went up to 102F (that was a bit worrisome!). We both decided that it would be a good idea to keep her home on Thursday as well, just to make sure she got over whatever she had, so Joacim stayed with her. She ended up taking a 4 HOUR NAP! Wow, he gets soooooo lucky!!!!
I'm happy to report that she's feeling better (no fever for the last 36 hours) but she's still clingy and not eating very well. I hope she makes a full recovery this weekend!!!

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