Just some random photos over the past week...

I really don't have too much to update. I can't honestly figure out what we've been doing...doesn't seem like much when I look at the photos, but why the HECK am I so worn out all the time? :)

Izzy using Joacim as a jungle gym....again

We finally got Izzy a bike seat. We've been wanting to for awhile, but we were out at dinner last Friday right by the bike shop so we stopped in after and picked one up. We love riding our bikes (although you're kinda taking your life into your hands around here...damn Southside drivers!) and it's a great way for Murphy to get a good run in too!
Surprisingly enough, Izzy didn't mind the helmet at all. This one surprised me because she seems to hate everything else on her head. I blame it on the fact that Joacim didn't want me to "girl her up" when she was younger, so I never put headbands or hats on her...NOW I'm paying the price! But she is, really, absolutely TOO CUTE in her little rabbit hat!

Now we just need to get a bike rack for the car so we can GO somewhere and ride.
Here she is Skyping with Farmor and Farfar on Sunday. She seems to have gotten a bit lazy when it comes to feeding herself, don't you think? She's eating a blueberry, btw..

Joacim and her were having a good laugh the other evening in her room...

And here she is eating all of my tomatoes. The girl LOVES tomatoes, which is AWESOME!! What I can't figure out is HOW ON EARTH CAN SHE NOT LIKE MASHED POTATOES???? Seriously, is this my child???? I don't get it...but at least she likes tomatoes. I consider it a small victory in the battle of eating :)

Have a great day!

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