Reds game with the Tempests

Last Sunday (Aug 16) we went to a Reds game in Cincinnati with some friends of ours, Brad and Missie Tempest. Joacim works with Brad, and Missie and I have become good friends out of it too! Plus, I think she's got a pretty big sweet spot for Izzy, and it seems that it's mutual after spending the day together.

Let's start off by saying it was H.O.T. Over 90 degrees....sweaty, sticky, stinky...HOT. I just tried to block it out..tried not to fixate on it...and it worked, to some extent.
Here's Izzy eating some yogurt in the back of the car before the game.

I'm happy to report that our seats were SHADED!!!! Self-portrait!!!

I don't get many with her, so I have to show all the ones I can!

No matter how hot it was, she still wanted to snuggle...too cute!

Such a ham!

We brought LOTS of fruit for her, and she at it all up!

Here's a family self-portrait...not too bad!

He we are after the game. She was fascinated by the escalator

Our friends, Brad and Missie, on the bridge over the Ohio River.

After the game, we went to the Hofbrauhaus on the other side of the river (technically in Kentucky). I had no idea there was one there! I went to the original in Munich a few years ago, so I had some high expectations, and they lived up to it! Food was good, atmosphere was good (I wasn't really a fan of the beer so much, but I didn't like it in Munich either, so they break even here). I'm thinking that the biergarten in Munich is MUCH better, but that's to be expected, right???

On the way home, we stopped by Ikea to get some food for Joacim. Izzy was out before we got out of the parking lot from the game, so when we got to Ikea, I stayed in the car and Joacim went in. I couldn't help taking a cute picture of her drooly face though..

She didn't sleep much after that. I ended up sitting in the back seat with her to tend to little miss I want it now :) and she was quite chatty

It was a really fun day. Izzy did AMAZING for sitting through 7 innings (yes, we left early) in 90+ degree heat.

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