Some photo shares....

Some nighttime snuggle with Pappa

We stopped by the playground on our morning walk with Murphy...

But the playground isn't all it's cracked up to be for her, so we went to the swings...

She's becoming VERY interested in the computers lately, so whenever I'm the office, I'm doing whatever I can figure out to distract her. On this day, it was letting her play with a spare keyboard that I had...she looks like she's guilty of something though, doesn't she?

She's been very good about brushing her teeth..up until the last week or so, so the other day I decided to just give her the toothbrush and see what she'd do...and here are the results:

I got a Pilates reformer to help with the physical changes during this course of steroids. It was finally delivered a couple of weeks ago, and Izzy kinda like it too!

And here's one VERY tired lilla loppan

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