Photo session with Scott and Derek

So, I was lucky enough to do a photo session with 2 of my cousins, Scott and Derek. Now, this isn't a post to share those photos (because I'm not quite done editing them yet!...sorry Diane! :), but we did make it a family affair, and I wanted to share...

Goodness, she's cute...

Funny faces!!!

Izzy was very fond of Derek. She'd walk straight up to him and hold her arms up...she's such a fan of the men!

Here's Scott making Murphy's day

And here we are at the end of the day. She's hanging out in the back of the car while I'm taking Scott and Derek's photo...so cute!

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Life Long Learner said...

I love the "funny face!" She has the cutest expressions! I will continue to wait patiently until the pictures are done.:)