Visit from Holly and Mick

Okay, what else? Well, biggest news is that my dear dear friend Holly (who I've known since 3rd grade) and her boyfriend, Mick, were visiting the states (they live in Australia) and I was able to get them for an ENTIRE day. Usually, when they're here, I only get a few hours or so, mainly because Holly's family trumps me :) This time they planned on spending the night here, but a last-minute change in travel plans had them arriving a little earlier, so we got 2 nights! It was soo great to see her (and Mick!). They are just 2 of the coolest, most laid-back down to earth people I know, and I thoroughly enjoy every minute when they're around.

This was also the first time they met little Izzyboo, which I was so excited for. And it was so fun to see what a cool little kid she is. She was really laid back, and completely unafraid. She'd occassionally look around for us, and as soon as we were located, she was back to hanging out with them.

Funny little side story real quick....so we were out on a lunch/shopping adventure on Tuesday. Izzy was in the car seat, and Mick and Holly were on either side. Izzy was a bit hungry, so Holly was feeding her some Puffs and Cheerios, and Mick had her sippy cup. I turned around to talk to Holly (as I was sitting in the front), and I see little Boo with her socks off, legs flopping around. She casually looks over at Holly and opens he mouth for a treat, then looks at Mick and opens her mouth for a little drink of water. Ok, maybe you had to be there to appreciate how cute it was, but I think all my little princess needed was another person in the back with a palm frond providing her a gentle breeze and she would've been in heaven!

Ok, off to some photos...

These slippers were a gift to Izzyboo from Holly and Mick. Too cute, and now I know where she is because I can hear the eyeballs of the koala faces scrape against the floor when she's crawling :)

Here's a few photos of Izzy and Holly getting to know one another. Mick and Holly arrived late Monday night, and she was already in bed, so while Mick went off for a run with Murphy, we hung out:

Here's Holly and Mick:

We went shopping on Tuesday afternoon on Mass Ave., and there are these fantastic little shops there. My favorites, so far, are Silver In the City and Global Gifts. Here a few of the things we got:

This is a wallet made out of the "roof" of the old Hoosier Dome. A Herron School of Art student makes these (and charges a ridiculous amount, but some of the money goes to Indy Parks, so it's all good). Anyway, the outside of the wallet is made of the outside dome material...

And the inside is made of the inside dome material. It's pretty cool, and Joacim says that it's helping him keep the number of receipts down in his wallet because it doesn't fold so well if it's full!

And this is a little bag I got to use in Izzy's diaper bag on our trip (it doesn't have a lot of pockets, but it's a great little backpack!). Anyway, it's made out of 95% recycled water bottles, which I think is GREAT! And it was CHEAP!!!

Here's a photo of my little family on the Monon Trail in Broadripple:

And here's one with just the girls:

It was a great visit! Maybe the next time we'll get to finally go visit them!

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