Deliberate Communication :)

Izzy has recently started to communicate with us deliberately, and we are LOVING IT!!!

Yesterday evening after her bath, we were sitting in her room taking all of the books off of her bookcase (her favorite activity...not mine.) Anyway, she looked up at the ceiling fan and started waving her hand. I'm 100% certain that she was making the "sign" for fan!!! I've been trying to teach her a little bit of sign language since she was about 6 months old, but that was the first time she ever really let me know that she's been paying attention. I've read that it can take some time, but this really motivated me to stick with it.

Izzy has also started becoming more deliberately verbal. We've been trying to teach her "uh-oh", and it looks like it may be working. Watch this:

Now I know..you may be thinking "uhhh, what? I didn't hear her say 'uh-oh'". Ok, so she can't exactly say it clearly yet, but she makes the same sound every time we say it, so she's totally picking it up.

I am loving this...ever single solitary second.

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