Visit from Champ

Ok, let's see....I'm trying to catch up from so much and I'm starting to forget when everything happened. The weekend before we went on vacation, my stepmom and sister came down to spend the night and brought their dog, Champ. Now, you might remember me posting pictures of Champ when he was a weee little thing. Joacim and I dog and kid-sat a week before Izzy was born last year, and Champ was only around 8 weeks old, I think. Let's re-visit that, shall we?

Such a cute little bugger...so curious about Murphy, and Murphy just seemed annoyed...at first.

They were playing with one of Murphy's toys here...

That's a terribly cute face, isn't it?

Fast forward to today....Champ's grown a bit...

And it was non-stop play....

Here's our neighbor's dog, Bailey, wanting in on the action..

Can I just say that Champ is a very, very, sloppy dog....

Looks like Murphy's on offense..

Oh no! Champ's down for the count! Murphy is VICTORIOUS!!!

And just when you think they're finally done...this...2 seconds later:

By the end of the visit...Champ looked like he had had enough:

Okay, maybe not quite enough..

A little more tug..

But friends in the end...

And even a little love for Izzy too..

All good things must come to an end, and Champ had to go home. It was nice to have a little peace and quiet again, but I don't think Murphy and Izzy agreed....seems as though they're still looking for Champ:

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