Day 4 - Ft. Lauderdale

Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to complete the vacation report..I've been completely zonked at the end of the evening the last few days, and haven't had the energy to do this. Can't exactly say I'm bursting with energy right now either :) but I gotta get this done so I can post about all of the other things from this past week!

Ok, let's see...last day in Ft. Lauderdale. Well, it was a very warm day, and I would've LOVED to have spent it at the pool, in the sun, but I also know that if we had done that, then I would've wondered what we missed by staying at the hotel, so we decided on yet another little adventure. It was either the Everglades or Miami, and since we didn't do our research before our trip to figure out what to do, we chose Miami because we figured we wouldn't get much out of the Everglades without being able to go on an airboat (which we really couldn't do with Izzyboo because of the noise).

Need to slide in another photo here first..another marvelous view from our hotel...

So, we were off...not a bad drive down, until we got to the exit that we needed to get off. We decided to head to Miami's Seaquarium, because I remember that trip advisor had suggested it as well as a few other websites that I took a cursory look at. The Seaquaraium is on Biscayne Cay (at least I think) along with a ton of other tourist attractions. That and the face that the Sony Ericsson Tennis championships were going on in the same location made traffic miserable. I'm pretty sure we sat on the interstate waiting to exit for at least an hour (well, at least we sat there enough time to polish off a can of Pringles and a couple of cokes). We did have some time to take in the sheer size of Miami...I had no idea how big the city is!!! And there was some interesting architecture to look at while we were waiting too, which is cool!

Anyway, finally got to the Seaquarium. After our trip there, I decided that I was going to have to get on TripAdvisor and comment about it, because we didn't really think it was all that super. I mean, for the admission price, I expected A LOT more....the tanks were small and uninteresting...especially felt sorry for the manatees....anyway, here's some snapshots from the day..

Here's Izzy hanging out in her stroller checkout out the dolphin's in the tank:

Another nice family photo:

There were some very pretty birds there (even though I'm not a bird person, I can appreciate that they're pretty):

This is just plain cute:

We did go to a dolphin show with some of the dolphin's from the Flipper TV show from long ago. Now I'm guessing these aren't the original dolphins, but probably some offspring. Anyway, this was actually a cute show, with the trainers getting in the water and interacting with them. This was fun to watch!

After we left the Seaquarium, we decided to go for a little drive. I was feeling pretty crappy at this point...I started sneezing a bunch the night before, and woke up this particular morning with a full-blow sinus infection. At this point in the day, I thought I might suffocate from lack of airflow, but I really wanted to see some of the cool art deco areas you think about when you think "Miami", so we headed down to Miami Beach. Again, traffic was a problem, but it gave us a chance to check out the cruise ships. It was Sunday, and there were 4 of them lined up ready to head out for an excursion. Man, they're SOOOO BIG!!! I'm a pretty big land-lover though, and I don't think I'm the "cruise type", but everyone tells me I'm crazy whenever I say that. I have this ridiculous fear of drowning, which will probably always stop me from going on one. I know I got a photo of these cruise ships, but it's not on this computer that I'm writing from right now, and I'm too lazy to go to the other one to get it, so you're gonna have to use your imagination!

Once we finally got to the beach, we realized tha we weren't going to be able to see squat. Traffic was AWFUL!!! There wasn't anywhere to pull over to see anything, Izzy was asleep and I felt like poo, so we decided to head on back up to the hotel. All-in-all, not quite the experience I ever expected to have in Miami, but it is what it is...:)

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