The trip home....Ft. Lauderdale

We got up the last morning and went down to have breakfast. Here's a big smile from Izzyboo..

And since I'm always looking for the perfect shot, I wanted to go down to the beach one more time before we left. I didn't get the perfect shot, but we managed to get a few that were OK..

Then we were off to the airport. Here she is doing something with her toe in the car:

This one was taken on the bus from the rental care area:

Here's Joacim showing Izzy the lights on the plane:

She loved looking out the window:

FINALLY she sleeps!!!!

And the she's wakes...and eats PUFFS!!!

And then we got home to the crappiest weather. It's tough going form 87 degrees to 37 degrees in 3 hours. Not fair....It was so crappy that I couldn't take a picture of it.

And that was our trip!!!!

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