We survived!!!

Ok, so Izzy and I survived Joacim's travels unscathed. We found our little groove and were doing pretty good, but we're REALLY happy to have him back. I'm not even going to try to pretend to remember everything since he came home, but here are a few highlights:

1. We've had some nice weather lately, and was finally able to get outside with Izzy and Joacim for some shots...they can be seen later on in the post.

2. Izzy's 2 top teeth have finally broken through! I noticed them last Saturday morning when I was changing her, and I can't help but notice them EVERY SINGLE MOMENT SHE'S AWAKE because she's GRINDING THEM UNMERCIFULLY!!! (ok, it's in all caps because it's DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!). I even tried to put some orajel on them the other day to see if that would stop it, but she only made silly faces and licked her lips, so no luck there.

3. She also started standing up in her bed when she's unhappy. We were watching her on the monitor the other night as she was throwing a fit. She flopped her legs around a bit, then proceeded to roll over and stand up. She's got this mobile in her crib that has a cover on it (the mobile displays happy images while playing)...anyway, when Joacim went in to get her, she was standing right underneath the mobile, so it looked like she was wearing one of those Chinese hats! He's seen it twice now..I'm still waiting. This puts to bed the notion that she can't roll over...she just WON'T do it unless it's very very necessary :)

Alrighty..here's those photos I mentioned a little bit ago

Let's see...some videos too, yes?

Here's one of Izzy "tap dancing" with her Grandma June a couple of weeks ago...

And here's one of her jumping like a crazy lady in her jumparoo. We've had this for a while, but she's really starting to enjoy it finally!

And here's one of her making funny sounds in the bathtub...

And this one (my favorite of the bunch) is of Joacim and Izzy watching a Judas Priest DVD. Izzy's been doing this fist thing lately, which we think is her way of waving. And it was pretty cute when she was dancing with her pappa...Joacim calls it "Metal Fist"....enjoy!!!

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