Some QT with Pappa

So...I started to do some yoga again last week. I've just had this "antsy" feeling lately, and I figured the only way it was going to go away was to start working out again. However, I'm not going to be stupid like I normally am and jump in like a crazy-lady. I used to take some hot yoga classes when I lived in Chicago, and I LOVED them!! However, it hasn't been the easiest thing to find around here, until recently. I did a bunch of searching and have found 4-5 yoga studios that do some form of hot yoga. For those not familiar with it, hot yoga is a type of flow yoga done in a heated room. The warmth of the room allows for deeper poses, and an overall "cleansing" of the body of the toxins present. The room is usually heated to 80+ degrees (depending on the studio), and the classes are typically between 60 and 90 minutes.

I was able to try out a class last Sunday morning at a studio downtown, and I think I'm hooked! Granted, it wasn't exactly easy to get out of bed and drive downtown without breakfast (not recommended due to the heat of the studio) on a Sunday morning, but I kept focusing on how great I was going to feel after, and I'm happy to report that I DID feel great! It was fantastic, and intense, and warm, and exactly what I think I need to get back into this whole exercising thing. Not so great that I have to drive downtown, but it'll be worth it. I haven't committed to this particular studio yet, as I want to try out a few different instructors, but this was a great way to begin my day. And I was SORE AS HELL on Monday (but a good sore, ya know?)!!!

Since I was out gettin' all healthy, it gave Joacim some quality time with Izzy. Luckily, the weather was being semi-cooperative, and they were able to take a walk in the morning with Murphy....

After their walk, they got in some playtime. She can get so focused sometimes, and it's great to watch...

But then she also gets tired pretty quickly...all that fresh air and play really tuckers my little girl out!

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