Diaper rash from hell

We've been VERY lucky with Izzy in that we haven't really had a lot of medical issues with her. A couple of ear infections...but that's about it, which is great. So it was pretty surprising the other day when the daycare called and told me that Izzy had a terrible diaper rash and that her little bottom was bleeding!!!! Ahhhhhhh! Can you imagine how that must've felt for her???? And I felt like the worst mamma in the ENTIRE world for letting it get like that (even though it didn't look like that in the morning when I changed her and sent her off to daycare). I had noticed some redness the night before when giving her a bath, but I put some butt paste on and didn't really give it another thought. She'd had minor redness a few times before, and the butt paste always did the trick pretty quick. I woke her up the next morning, and like I said, didn't notice anything unusual, so I was really shocked with the daycare called!

Anyway, I left work to go get her so that I could give her a bath (I figured that's what I'd want if my butt were bleeding :) I fed her when we got home, and then it was time for her nap (and I didn't want to screw up THAT part of her scheduled), so I waited until she woke up to give her a bath. Poor little baby!! Her little bottom was SOOOOOO RED!!!!!! OMG...it hurt just looking at it...and changing her diaper was the worst! She's been pooping a lot lately (teething again, maybe???), and it's so thick that it just sticks to her skin. It was awful trying to clean her up! Anyway, once she had her bath (and some tylenol) she was much better. I wanted to give her a chance to air out, so I dressed her but left her diaper off. I wanted to keep her warm, though, so I'm glad I had some legwarmers to put on her. I just found her to be terribly adorable....now WARNING........half-clothed little cutie coming up!!!!

I think she knows that something's up here....

And now I think she's utterly humilated...:) She'll hate me for these one day.

The rash still isn't gone completely, but we've got it under control now....

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Lacy Park said...

Campbell has had a few bad ones like this.... I really think it has to do with teething. It, too, will pass.