Video post

Man, I'm so behind...I swear that she'll do a gazillion new things before my next post too, so I'll always be behind. Guess I better just accept it and try to post as often as possible, huh?

Ok, this video is one we took when my parents were here. I told them that she was rolling over, and that as soon as I put her on her tummy, she'd roll right over. Joacim didn't believe me, so here's proof:

Here's little Izzy eating her cereal. This wasn't her first try, but it was the first time she actually seemed like she wanted to eat it.

And this is what she does if I let her play with her spoon:

This is Izzy on our way home from Ikea a couple of weeks ago. She was having a serious meltdown, which is why there's a water bottle in front of her face. She kept screaming, but was only relatively calm when I gave her this water bottle to suck on. And she's blowing bubbles out of her sheer frustration at being trapped in her carseat...needless to say, it was the longest 45 minutes of my life thus far...

And here she is having a nice little chat with her pappa after her bath...too cute!

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