All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

Hi all! Just a quick post...Izzy has TEETH!!! I felt them when we were out to dinner tonight, and I saw both of them when we got home. This would explain some of the fussiness we've been experiencing, as well as the vast amounts of POOP
(hehehe!). She's actually been quite the trooper, considering some of the horror stories I've heard of teething...could have something to do with all of the attention she's getting from her farfar and farmor (that's Grandpa and Grandma in Swedish) that are here visiting now.

Weirdly enough, a part of me is a little bit sad about this milestone. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing her little gummy smile! Now I'll just love that gummy smile + 2 teeth! And whenever my little stinkpot cooperates, I'll show you all some pics of the new additions....:)

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