Izzy's 3-Month photos

Yippee!!! We just got Izzy's 3-Month photos, and they are wonderful!!! Brandy really captured Izzy again, and little Miss Izzy-boo wasn't exactly on her best behavior that day either! Check it out!

Izzy is starting to become more physically active as of late. Normally, we can put her in her bouncy seat and not have to strap her in, but that's not necessarily the case now. Here's a photo of Izzy nearly scooting out of her bouncy:

She is such a happy little girl in the morning. Lately, she's been waking up in her crib, and instead of crying, she just starts chatting away, patiently waiting until one of us comes to ger her. Here's a little video I took the other morning of her:

On Sunday, we watched the depressing Colts game. I even had Izzyboo in her Manning onesie, but it didn't work and the Colts ended up losing in the end.
Here's Izzy and Joacim hanging out before the game:

It's a nailbiter!

By the 3rd quarter, we needed a nap...

Izzy really enjoyed chewing on Pappa's finger:

Little Boo has been sleeping pretty well lately (I'm knocking on wood with one hand as I type that :) Anyway, here's a photo of her asleep before I put her to bed the other night. She's a pretty sound sleeper in this one!

And on to a totally random subject: toe fuzzies. I hate them. With a passion. Joacim is notorious for leaving these little black toe fuzzies all over the house during the week from his work socks, and it drives me crazy, and now it seems the problem has multiplied for me. Here's the evidence:

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