I was looking at the photos that Brandy took of Izzy for her 3 months shots, and I became inspired to have another little photo session with Izzy. I will never be as good as Brandy, but I have a lot of fun trying :) this post has a bunch of random photos from the past 2 days and a couple of videos...ENJOY!

Miss Izzy is her chattiest when we bring her home from daycare. We lay her on her changing table and can't get a word in edgewise!!!

And I must admit that I'm a bad mommy when it comes to tummy time with Izzy. I just can't stand to hear her wimper and cry. However, I tried it again yesterday, and I was so happy to see her holding her head up so far (FINALLY! :) that I didn't care if she cried just a little bit! I had to get this on video!!

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