State Fair and Aunt Bri

Another week has flown by here all too quickly...I start back to work in 2 more weeks, so I've been thinking a lot about trying to get Izzy on some kind of a schedule. I've been panicking about going back to work...I'm worried about missing her (of course that'll happen), and I'm worried about getting a schedule for her, and I'm worried about being able to pump enough at work to keep up with her. I know everything will work out..I've just got to go through a panic stage first.

Okay, on to some photos...this next photo is my absolute favorite of Izzy that I've taken so far. I don't know how I got so lucky as to capture this expression, but I'm so thankful for it! I mean, LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

I've also been noticing that Izzy likes to watch TV (almost as much as me!). I'm pretty sure this isn't a good thing, but she's so darn cute when she spaces out.

See what I mean???

Here's a cute little mohawk that I gave Izzy during one of her baths this week...

My little sister, Brianne, came to stay with us from Thursday until today. She and my stepmom brought their dog, Champ, for a little visit when Brianne was dropped off. We had previously puppy-sat Champ when my parents went to the Indy 500, so Murphy was familiar with him, and boy did they have fun reconnecting!!!

I swear that they could play for hours!!! I'm guessing that Champ's not used to playing so hard, because he was so tired he had to lie down to get a drink of water! :)

Brianne has decided that she wants to be called Aunt Bri by Izzy, so that's what she'll be. I was hoping that she'd take more interest in Izzy, and she certainly did! Here are a couple of photos...

I was really happy when Brianna was comfortable enough to pick up Izzy and carry her around a little. She was very careful, and seemed to really enjoy it!

This is just a funny face photo....

On Saturday we all went to the State Fair. There's one thing that Joacim and I both love about the state fair, and that's CORN DOGS!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! That's enough of a reason to go, but we also like to go see the animals (and I also like elephant ears, but enough about the phenomenal food!!). Here's a photo of Izzy with the baby cows...it's as close as she'll get for awhile :)

Here's Izzy with her pappa. This was taken while we were watching the frisbee dogs.

More on Izzy's hair...I wanted to show everyone what her hair looks like when it's not sticking straight up. Unfortunately, this can only be accomplished when it's wet. Here's me wetting her hair down again after her bath:

And here's what her hair looks like down:

And here it is a few short minutes later...notice how it's already starting to stick up on the top of her head:

Izzy has her first big doctor's appointment tomorrow. It's her 2-month checkup, and her first round of immunizations. Hopefully she won't feel too bad (and hopefully I won't either!..I've heard that it's sometimes worse for the parents!!!) I'll update everyone on her weight and vital stats next week sometime. Here's one last photo to leave everyone with a smile:

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Liza said...

give her the tylenol an hour before the shots. IT'll make it easier on her.